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Liquid Nitrogen is colorless, odorless and tasteless

NitrolabsR – frozen magic and gluten free crepes

NitrolabsR is a Swedish brand with unique tastes and experiences: Crepes and frozen desserts freshly made from top quality ingredients using our own secret recipes. We freeze our desserts right in front of you in a cloud of icy vapour created by nitrogen freezing – a technique that has long been used by top rated chefs around the world.

Choose from a variety of dessert bases made from eggs, milk, lactose-free milk, cream, and fruit – all free from coloring, preservatives, flavor enhancers or stabilizers.

Our gluten-free crepes made from rice flour are unique on the Qatar market, and you can choose between sweet or savoury fillings.

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The founders of NitrolabsR the couple Fotini and Konstantin Katsoulakis.


Nitrolabs now in Mall of Qatar

Our menu is uncomplicated, unique and powerful. We have something for everyone regardless of taste. With us you can choose between the categories Nitro Magic, Nitrocrepe and NitroU.


Our frozen dessert creations: Developed by our nitro-chefs these are our extraordinary signature flavour combinations, prepared freshly in front of you in a cloud of nitro vapour. Progress never stops More


Our freshly prepared gluten-free crepes are irresistible. Made from rice-flour and other high quality additive-free ingredients, try them with sweet or savoury fillings anytime during the day; How about crepes More


Here it’s your choice; make your frozen dessert just the way you want it. How much do you want? Flavour combinations? toppings? All your choice – the combinations are endless More

"Liquid nitrogen (nitrogen) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid."

What is nitrogen?

The air we breathe is mostly Nitrogen gas. Liquid Nitrogen is colorless, odorless and tasteless, it does not burn and is not toxic. At Nitrolabs, we use liquid nitrogen to prepare our frozen desserts. When the liquid is released it turns to gas creating ice cold temperatures (-196 ° C) and which we use to freshly-freeze our Nitro dessert bases.


Can eat

Colorless, tasteless and odorless

78% of the air we breathe

Non toxic

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Al Jahhaniya Interchange,
Street 373,
Zone 51
Doha 24235
Tel: +974 4034 6000